Sky Diamond Massage is undoubtedly the answer to body care in Las Vegas. The environment surrounds you so that you can reach that moment when time stops and the mind harmonizes with the body. Through our massages and specialized treatments, we provide moments of relaxation and well-being, which will make you enjoy unique sensations.

We have all the available massage on the list, but of the best, we have Hot stone body massage, which is famous throughout Las Vegas. Do not miss this experience and discover the advantages that massages have for your well-being and health. You can check out the list of other services by visiting:  Or call  702-829-3636



At Sky Diamond Massage in Las Vegas, if you do decide to get a massage then your life is now all blooming and blossom, we will make sure that you enjoy each minute  That is the reason we have fostered a thorough convention, with the mindfulness that now our most noteworthy test is to raise our standards of cleanliness and hygiene to the maximum.



Care for the body and mind has always been present in our philosophy. This commitment is based on a balanced and healthy diet proposal; along with a variety of utmost relaxing massage services we are offering, our team is solely committed to providing you state-of-the-art  massageservices



Stone massage is a massage technique whose objective is to carry out an extremely relaxing and beneficial massage for general well-being, to improve the state of our mind and body.

Sky Diamond is offering a combination of the traditional relaxing massage with the application on the skin of stones. The thermal effect that stones produce at 50ºC and 20ºC reduces and relieves pain, generating a detoxifying effect on the skin and improving the circulatory system.

The great Hot stone massage rocks help mobilize energy and activate vital force, stimulates circulation, release fatigue and stress.



Recover the lost energy of your body with this hot stone massage or massage with hot stones. The heat of the stones applied to your body will facilitate muscle relaxation, concentrating the heat that they transmit in rural houses with more stressed areas of the body than the present. In the hot stone massage, stones of volcanic origin are used, capable of keeping the heat for a longer time. In addition, when applying the massage with the stones and not directly with the hands, it allows a greater pressure on our body.

If you want to receive a massage in which you immediately notice its relaxing effects while discovering a new form of massage without the traditional exclusive use of hands, we assure you that the hot stone massage or hot stone massage will not disappoint you.



We offer you Mobile Massage Service so you can plan your perfect getaway and enjoy your stay at the best Massage hotel in Las Vegas.

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