How to Create a Home Spa With Mobile Spa Massage

Creating a home spa has become more popular than ever. With mobile spa massage services, you can provide the ultimate experience for your guests at your home, office, or even at a party. Mobile spa party services from Turn 2 Massage can create a luxurious atmosphere at any location. Here’s how. You’ll want to schedule a mobile spa massage service at least a few weeks before your party. But how do you choose the right mobile spa massage service?

Turn 2 Massage

A luxury mobile spa company, Spa Chicks On The Go ® creates high-end spa, wellness, and beauty experiences. Founded by celebrity massage therapist Marie Watkinson, LMT, the company sets the Gold Standard for high-profile beauty activations, editorial events, and press showcases. Spa Chicks On The Go ® also delivers consumer marketing, pop-up marketing, and media appearances.

As the popularity of mobile spa services has increased over the last several years, more people have decided to host their spa at home, in the office, and at events. Turn 2 Mobile Spa Massage can provide this experience to anyone, regardless of the time, place, or budget. The mobile spa massage business provides the amenities of a spa experience in the comfort of your home, office, or even in your favorite coffee shop. It can also create the perfect zen-like atmosphere wherever you are!

Licensed massage therapists provide professional in-home or room massage services. Located in Atlanta, GA, Turn 2 Mobile Spa Massage offers mobile massage services to corporate settings, event chair massages, and even on-location massages for movies. Their massage therapists are state-licensed leaders in the industry. With a mobile spa, they can come to your location and offer you a massage that is customized to your needs.


You can pamper yourself with a relaxing massage at your home, office, or anywhere else. Massages can soothe your mind, body, and spirit. They’re also great for your skin! The spa experience can be as luxurious as you want it to be, without sacrificing convenience. And you’ll be glad you did! Fave Mobile Spa Massage is a great way to get that luxurious experience without leaving your home! It’s time to pamper yourself with a relaxing massage!

The rise of mobile spa services is attributed to increased demand among consumers. The convenience of in-home and mobile spa experiences is enticing to clients willing to pay more for flexibility. In-office massages have been relatively stable for over a decade, but mobile massage terms have exploded in recent years. For example, you can now find out how much a massage costs from Google with the keyword “mobile massage”.

Sentuh Executive

With three massage therapists at its disposal, Sentuh is the newest addition to Malaysia’s spa industry. The company plans to expand its offerings to include hair and makeup services by the third quarter of 2020. Currently, Sentuh offers 60-minute, 90-minute, and 120-minute massage sessions. Its signature aromatherapy body massage costs RM350 or RM400 for 90 minutes. A HealthLand Thai Aromatherapy treatment costs RM88, RM118, or RM148 for 120 minutes. The price would be higher if you were to travel to an outlet to receive the same treatment.

The company is expanding across Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. It is targeting to become the largest wellness on-demand platform in the region, with over 5,000 qualified therapists and a nationwide coverage area. This expansion will provide access to high-quality services at your fingertips and is expected to grow over time. With its expansion into these markets, Sentuh’s services are sure to become more affordable for many.


The first step to getting the most out of your Lespri Mobile Spa Massage experience is booking ahead of time. You can book one massage treatment at a time, or schedule several at once. Just make sure to book at least 60 minutes in advance. You can also book for a corporate wellness program, or even throw a spa party. Here are some ways to book your Lespri Mobile Spa Massage experience today. After you book, you’ll feel more relaxed and rejuvenated than ever.

Lespri Mobile Spa Massage offers chair and table massages. The mobile spa service is run by licensed esthetician Rachelle Richardson, who grew up in Pomona. Upon starting the company, Richardson incorporated it to make it easier for clients to receive quality massage and skincare treatments in the comfort of their own homes. She carries naturopathic skincare products and even has a hot-towel machine for hot-towel massages. The services also offer chair and facial massages.

thermal bliss

The thermal bliss Mobile Spa is a revolutionary thermal wellness technology that provides heat therapy on demand. This unique device utilizes a proprietary blend of minerals activated by water to deliver radiant, soothing, and effective chilled therapy to your client. This is perfect for massage, body treatments, nail treatments, and wellness retreats. With the thermal bliss Mobile Spa, you no longer have to worry about batteries or electricity costs and can focus on the needs of your clients.

The thermal bliss Mobile Spa Kit enables massage therapists to provide 5-star thermal wellness services outside of the traditional spa. The device uses advanced mineral energy technology to heat stones without electricity, appliances, or space. Activate the Charges by simply running tap water through them to warm them up. These kits unlock up to 12 self-heating spa tools. With a few easy steps, you can deliver luxurious spa treatments to your client.

thermal bliss Mobile Spa Kits for Massage and Esthetics

The thermal bliss Mobile Spa Kits for massage and esthetics provide therapists with the same medical-grade products they would use in a spa treatment room. They require no batteries or electricity to operate and are compatible with most outlets. The portable units include 12 self-heating spa tools that therapists can use to create the ultimate massage and esthetics experience.

The thermal bliss spa equipment combines thermal heat application with apple stem cell technology to provide a soothing experience. Apple stem cell technology, vitamins A and C, and white and green tea extract antioxidants are found in thermal bliss products. The portable devices also come with a drip-free brush that enhances the effectiveness of existing skincare products.

Lespri Spa Services

Lespri Spa Services offers a variety of services from mobile massage to personalized wellness and holistic practices. Lespri specializes in customized wellness spa experiences and travels to the location of your choice to create a relaxing sanctuary. Customers have a choice of one or multiple services and can book as little as one hour or as long as two hours. Lespri can also provide corporate wellness programs and in-house spa parties for your guests.

Rachelle Richardson is a licensed esthetician with experience in the spa industry. She is passionate about giving her clients the very best experience possible. Her business focuses on mobile spa massage, facials, body treatments, and chair massages. She comes prepared with all of the necessary equipment. In addition to providing mobile spa massage, Lespri can provide naturopathic skincare products, as well as a hot towel machine.

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