Starting a Mobile Office Massage Business

Mobile Office Massage Are you considering starting a mobile massage business? There are many benefits of this type of business. This type of massage service will bring positive energy to your workplace. In addition to helping you improve your office productivity, this service also has several health benefits. Here are some of these benefits. You can also get liability insurance and registration. If you are unsure about any of these things, consider consulting with an attorney to get the information you need. After all, the benefits are worth it.


If you’ve ever thought of opening a massage practice, you might be wondering how much it costs to operate a mobile massage business. In theory, it is less expensive than renting an office, but there are many expenses to consider. Most office spaces come with expensive overheads, such as rent and phone bills. Not to mention, street signage. Plus, you have to invest in the equipment and supplies necessary for massage. These costs can add up!

While a single 15-minute massage doesn’t cost much, the overall cost of a mobile office massage practice can quickly mount up. It takes an average of 23 sessions to reach $1,600 in monthly revenue. This doesn’t take into account personal living expenses or transportation. Monthly costs can be lower if you’re providing multiple sessions. You’ll want to discuss the specific costs before agreeing to a service plan.

While you may be tempted to spend as much money as possible on unnecessary features, you should think twice before doing so. Instead, focus on creating an inviting, comfortable environment for your customers. You can always upgrade later as your business grows. Remember to keep a budget for personal and business expenses. It’s easy to spend more than you earn! And remember to reward your employees with small perks! Don’t forget to include massages in your next employee incentive program!

When it comes to hiring a mobile office massage service, it’s important to look at your options. You can choose between a table-based massage or a chair-based massage. If you’re looking for an ongoing program, you may want to devote a room for the service. This way, you’ll be able to accommodate both fully-clothed massages and unclothed massages, and you’ll have more flexibility with how many times you’ll need to schedule sessions.


Mobile office massage can benefit your employees in many ways. Regular massages can loosen tight muscles, improve flexibility, and correct poor posture. When office workers are relaxed and limber, they tend to perform better at work. Since bottom lines are more important than ever, this can benefit any company. Massages help to promote greater productivity, which is beneficial to every employee. Whether you’re looking to boost employee retention or attract new talent, a mobile office massage service can help.

In-house mobile massage services can enhance the quality of life for employees. Many employees have never had a massage before, largely due to time constraints and convenience. Employees appreciate the opportunity to have a massage in the workplace. Besides, it allows them to spend time with family or pursue their career as they please. This also helps boost morale. Research shows that many companies offer in-house massages as a way to attract new talent.

Massage therapy can help reduce absenteeism and improve morale. Numerous companies are adopting this model, and many of their employees are happy to work remotely. According to FlexJobs, almost 70% of companies are adopting a hybrid work model, which combines office work with homework. This means that you may be able to take advantage of this growing trend by offering on-site massage services. This option can reduce your insurance rates and boost morale.

In addition to having a convenient location, a mobile office massage practice also allows you to reach people without worrying about space and equipment. It also gives you more time to connect with clients and build a community. You can even promote your business through a mobile website. You can even market your services through your Facebook page or website to reach a wider audience. You can also take your clients’ feedback via your website and social media accounts.

A mobile office massage may help reduce worker’s compensation claims. Studies have shown that corporate massage programs are highly effective in reducing health care costs. During the study, employees with low back pain who received chair massages spent 31% less time at the doctor’s office and less money on prescription drugs. By offering onsite chair massages, you can improve employee morale and reduce costs for your employees. So, if you’re interested in offering chair massages to your employees, contact a mobile office massage service today!


The first step in starting a mobile massage business is registering with your local city clerk. You can complete the online form to do this. Once you have your business name, you need to determine your target market. Your target market could be new moms, expectant mothers, athletes, professionals, and executives, among other groups. After you’ve determined your target audience, you need to write an outline of your services, your startup costs, and your service area. You also need to create a marketing plan, which includes a marketing plan.

After gathering email addresses, most mobile massage therapists would stop. However, using a tool like Mailchimp, you can keep in touch with your clients. It’s free to use and only costs money when you have a list of 2000 or more. You can even use special discounts on Mailchimp on certain holidays or other occasions. Keeping in touch with your customers will foster loyalty and repeat business. So, get the email addresses of your potential clients and keep up with their needs and wants.

Liability insurance

You may be wondering what types of insurance you should have for your mobile office massage business. Here’s an explanation of what these types of insurance are, and how they protect you. Most insurance policies cover accidents, and public liability covers accidental injuries. But public liability doesn’t cover injuries directly caused by bodywork or advice. If you’re worried about running a mobile office, you should take out professional indemnity insurance to protect yourself.

While most health funds require you to have professional indemnity insurance, this type of insurance covers you in the event of a lawsuit. Public liability insurance is particularly important if you deal with the public and invite clients to your home. In the case of a fire, or if a client is injured on your premises, this type of insurance will cover you. Furthermore, it covers the cost of tearing down or rebuilding a building that is damaged due to negligence.

This type of coverage can protect your assets. Liability insurance for massage businesses typically covers your physical property and surroundings and does not cover your services. Coverage limits vary from company to company and can be as low as $5 million. Some companies offer higher limits of coverage, so make sure to research your options. While a policy may not cover everything, it’s important to consider the amount of coverage that your business needs. You can choose between two main options for liability insurance: shared limits or individual limits. Shared limits protect your assets and liability from lawsuits by preventing coverage after a certain amount is reached.

While you don’t need commercial vehicle insurance for your mobile office massage business, you should consider purchasing liability insurance for your van if you’re planning to travel between different locations for client appointments. This type of coverage isn’t necessary if you’re driving between massage studios and can be cheaper than commercial vehicle insurance. Just be sure to discuss the details with your insurer to see if you need a separate policy.

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