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What is sports massage?

Sports knead a physiotherapeutic method that spotlights the spaces of the body that get greater mechanical impact and wear as a result of repetitive movements and intense contacts specific to each sport.

Massage for athletes is a tool to optimize muscle performance, prevent and treat injuries, reduce fatigue, eliminate toxins -such as uric acid, which accumulates in large quantities between tissues after physical activity- and promote blood circulation in the zones with greater tension and rigidity.



At Sky Diamond Massage, your health and integrity are our priority, which is why all of our experts who perform sports massages are certified therapists in whose hands you can place yourself with complete confidence. Simply register here, choose the type of home massage you want and schedule your session for sports massageLas Vegas Nv.



A hot stone body massage is an excellent way to have a relaxation, wellness, and SPA experience as an individual. It may be an approach to spoil yourself during the end of the week or on a commemoration, and they are additionally ideal for disposing of the excess pressure or fatigue caused by situations such as:

  • Planning a gathering
  • Make a move
  • Facing a family or health problem
  • Start a business
  • Expecting or receiving a baby
  • Reach a financial or athletic goal

And any other special situation that in any way alters the psycho-emotional balance of the relationship.

Integrating hot stone body massage as a feature of your week by week or month to month self-care routine is speculation that won’t just be positive for your actual wellbeing yet in addition for the strength and amicability of concurrence.

Consider that you can likewise appreciate the experience of in room couples massage las vegaswith a dude or family member who isn’t really your accomplice, like your dearest companion, your sister or your mother.


Reflexology or push Massage: The normal Swedish Massage focused on mitigating muscle pressure and delivering prosperity chemicals.

Deep tissue Massage: For the individuals who need exceptional helpful incitement. Ideal for treating muscle wounds and ongoing conditions.

Sports Massage: ideal for the individuals who practice any actual order. There are a few explicit modalities on whether it is pre or post-training, preparatory for a competition or recover

AromatherapyMassage: Ideal auxiliary treatment for patients who need to eliminate toxins, combat fluid retention, reduce chronic pain and strengthen the immune system. It also has cosmetic benefits, as it reduces cellulite and improves the appearance of the skin.



Our hot stone massage therapists Las Vegas go to the comfort of your home with all the equipment you need to offer you and your partner an unbeatable experience. Simply register and schedule any of the listed Massage here in Las Vegas at

Our professionals carry relaxing music with them, but you can choose the playlist of your choice. Remember that you will need space available for two individual tables, around which the therapists can move freely.


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