Do you want to relax as a couple? A couple’s massage is always a very good idea. Relaxation, peace and quiet with the person you love. Is there anything better?

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing massage with your partner? Sky Diamond presents you with the perfect relaxing moment to share with a special person. Here you will have only massages or a complete spa and massage session from our Professional Massage therapists in Las Vegas at your disposal. Find the ideal massage service you want from our variety of services at  Or call us at 702-829-3636


WHY SKY DIAMOND Massage in Las Vegas

Enjoy a few minutes of disconnection and enter an oasis of relaxation with a Massage at your favorite Hotel with Sky Diamond Massage, Las Vegas. Our massage therapists in Las Vegas awaits you.

With this experience, you will have the pleasure of indulging yourself in the heart of fun, next to relaxation and sovereign freedom.

A place of pure calm and tranquillity amid the bustle of Las Vegas you will notice how time stops, and just by closing your eyes, you are transported into a world full of new sensations.



“Enchanted, the personalized message which is what I needed. Care of details to the maximum, exquisite cleaning. Our professional massage therapists in Las Vegas will adjust and take care of all the amenities and services for you. Our Professional Massage Prices are according to the quality and the situation.



This comforting in room massage Las Vegas, in which synchronized movements are combined with relaxing essential oils, pays special attention to the body’s energy centers. If you want to relieve all tension and stress, this is the experience you are looking for. The professional massage will leave you feeling calm and serene in mind and body.

The main purpose is to firm muscles and joints., It is also the perfect massage to eliminate deep muscular tension without neglecting disconnection and relaxation. It is a massage that will help you reduce stress and blood pressure and increase blood flow and circulation.



Millennial therapy combines the use of hot stones on the skin and a deep, comprehensive massage that helps release tension, relax muscles, and reduce stress. It has an active deep relaxation response, allowing you to achieve a state of comprehensive well-being.

Our hot stone massage is a very strong and de-contracting massage aimed at people who generally lead a very active lifestyle. It is a full-body massage where in addition to the hands and forearm, the elbow will be used to reach deeper muscle layers, achieving a state of comprehensive well-being.



Sky Diamond is willing to comfort your body and mind. You can choose between a relaxing, deconstructing, sensitive head and foot massage or one with oriental techniques. You will relieve muscle tension and eliminate stress.


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