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Whether you need a Swedish massage, Pregnancy massage, or Belly Pillows, Body Balance Mobile Massage is the perfect choice for you. These services are personalized to meet your needs and can help treat chronic conditions or existing injuries. Add wellness to your daily routine with a visit from a professional massage therapist. If you’re in the market for a massage, call today for an appointment! We look forward to serving you!

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress and tension during pregnancy. Not only does it provide a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, but it also helps alleviate muscle cramps, spasms, and pain. During a massage, the body is stretched and loosened to promote proper blood and lymph circulation, reducing swelling and stress on the weight-bearing joints. Pregnancy massage is safe for the expectant mother and her unborn baby.

Pregnancy massage focuses on the unique needs of a mother-to-be during her pregnancy. It relieves common discomforts and improves circulation. It also helps relieve low back pain and swollen ankles. Pregnancy massage also benefits the baby, as a relaxed mom gets more blood and nutrients to the developing fetus. If you are expecting, consider booking a massage today!

Swedish massage

If you’re in the market for a great massage, why not try a Swedish massage at Body Balance Mobile Massage? Swedish massages are popular due to their therapeutic benefits, which may range from relieving muscle tension to promoting a general sense of well-being. This massage style uses light to medium pressure and uses specific massage techniques to target specific problems or symptoms. These techniques are also known as deep tissue massages.

Swedish massages are among the most popular types of massages and are designed to provide overall relaxation. Many of these massages are deep tissue, but Swedish is the most common. Various types of massages are available, including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and aromatherapy. Swedish massages are a popular choice, but you can also request a massage for certain ailments, such as achy muscles and chronic pain.

Among the many benefits of Swedish massage, the most obvious is the improvement of circulation. By applying light to medium pressure to the muscles, the Swedish massage reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Swedish massages also help to relieve knots in the body and release tension. The therapist will start by addressing specific areas of your body. This way, you can customize the massage to address your specific needs.

The benefits of Swedish massage are well-known and widely recognized. However, if you’re looking for an exceptional massage experience, Body Balance Mobile Massage is the way to go. Their skilled therapists offer customized massage sessions based on your needs. You can get an additional service like an aromatherapy massage or a special session just for you. If you’d like a massage tailored to your specific needs, they offer all types of treatments to help you get the best results.

When you choose a Swedish massage at Body Balance Mobile Massage, you’ll be pampered with a highly trained therapist who knows what works best for you. They spend time discussing your goals and pain points so that you can get exactly the message you need. Your massage therapist may even recommend specific areas you should focus on in future sessions. They will make sure to include these in your sessions as well. You can also choose a personalized massage session by mentioning specific areas that need healing.

Belly Pillows

For pregnant women who are uncomfortable with the pressures of sitting up straight, the Belly Pillow is a comfortable, easy-to-use accessory. Made of medium-density contoured foam, the Belly Pillow has a 100% cotton cover and comes in a calico drawstring bag. While pregnant, belly pillows can provide a comfortable, safe way to receive a massage. Whether it’s a prenatal or postnatal massage, a Belly Pillow is the safest and most convenient way to treat expectant mothers.

In addition to providing additional support to the body, belly pillows can also help keep the spine straight. A firm pillow under the forehead helps to prevent jamming of the facet joints. It also provides the client with breathing space while they lie on their back. Using a belly pillow can also relieve back pain caused by forwarding rotation of the upper body. A belly pillow also helps a pregnant client’s posture by reducing forward rotation of the back and shoulders.

In addition to belly pillows, Body Balance Mobile Massage also offers a variety of other pillow options. The HoMedics Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow, $59.00, provides an ergonomically designed, safe, and convenient way to receive a massage. Whether you’re a regular massage client or a professional bodyworker, belly pillows are a perfect choice. For maximum comfort, consider purchasing a pillow that can be used for massage on the go or the couch.

Reiki treatment

One of the latest services that Body Balance Mobile Massage offers is a Reiki treatment. This form of energy healing is performed by placing hands on the client’s body, allowing the Reiki to flow to the parts of the body that need it most. Often, crystals are also placed on the body, deepening the experience and enhancing the Reiki treatment. A Reiki massage therapy session can range anywhere from $35 to $150, depending on the length of the session and the client’s specific needs.

The effects of Reiki are subtle and differ from person to person. Some people feel a lighter sensation during the session, while others do not experience anything until a day or two later. Everyone experiences changes in energy flow differently, ranging from tingling sensations to bright colors or specific images. If you have any concerns about how Reiki works on your body, you should discuss these with your practitioner. The benefits of Reiki are widely recognized and are not likely to interfere with medical treatments.

A Reiki treatment is an effective way to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain, and raise your energy level. The treatment may even help you reduce side effects from medications and promote your recovery. This treatment is fast and works effectively, as a recent study showed that after eight sessions, patients with major depressive symptoms showed a marked reduction in their stress levels. Reiki can help you cope with difficult life changes and achieve a happy, balanced state of mind.

Licensed Reiki practitioners can provide the healing modality through certification. Once certified, you can begin offering Reiki treatments to your clients. To begin your training, you can take Reiki level one courses. This certification typically requires just one or two days of study. Once you have completed the course, you can practice on your own or begin working as a professional. There are many other benefits of Reiki as well, including the fact that it enhances your stress response and may act as preventative medicine.

The benefits of Reiki are endless. Not only does Reiki help relieve stress and improve your health, but it also boosts your energy levels, which is vital for healing. As a natural form of healing, Reiki strengthens the entire system. It can relieve your body of toxins and chemicals that have built up over time. Reiki also helps increase creativity and personal awareness. It helps you relax, release stale energy, and improve your mood. Reiki also improves your recovery after surgery.

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